Understanding the Foundations of the Whole Bible: #Torah Class

torah-toughI discovered very early, very quickly, that it is completely impossible to understand King David, and/or most of the Old Testament, without understanding the Torah. The Torah is the first five books of the Old Testament, which include the Laws God gave through Moses. Christian scholars refer to it as the Pentateuch.

Studying the Torah has been a journey that has deeply strengthened my understanding of God’s love for me and where I stand with Him… and if that’s not enough, it sheds a vital light on what books such as Romans are really all about. I also found that I had a better understanding of what Jesus was talking about, when He came up against the priests and scholars who challenged Him. Much of the New Testament is written for a Jewish audience, so you won’t understand it well unless you know where all the issues discussed came from.

I have come across this web site which is free and worth checking out, so if you’re seeking a better understanding of the Word of God, or want to get a handle on the foundations of Judaism, check out http://torahclass.com/index.php