From Despair to Deliverance Book Update

DtoDBookCoverEarlier in 2016, I published the main articles of the King David Project in a free ebook and made it available through my Google Drive account and the Internet Archive. That book contains the core material of the Project, but it is now out of date as the Project has grown considerably.

Since I released the book, I’ve worked through a lot more research which I would like to add, but here is the challenge: that research won’t be stopping any time soon, so what do I do? I can produce multiple editions, but each will grow and the size of the book will become massive. As there are no analytics for these distribution services, I don’t know what the actual demand is, and whether that amount of work is justified and I can’t put a new book out on the same Google Drive URL.

The temporary solution is that I have decided not to continue to update the book, at least for the foreseeable future. The content is being slowly released on this blog and the full Project content (less videos and a few posts here and there) is immediately published to my Faithwriters account as it is written.

Links to all the Faithwriters articles are on my Wix web site and it is on my to do list to also publish them here on the blog, so that there is another source if Wix decides to stop allowing free web site use of their service.

So please, check out the full range of articles, which are all free to re-use, adapt and share under a Creative Commons 4.0 International licence. You can get hold of a copy of the original ebook here:
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