2017 Principles: The King David Project and My Honest Views on Godly Conduct

2017magenHi everyone, after considerable, prayerful (is that a word?) deliberation as to the direction I should be moving in this year, the Mission Statement / Description of the Project has been amended to the following:

“From Despair to Deliverance: the King David Project,” is a non-profit, private initiative studying the life of King David to uplift faith and build stronger spiritual habits, as the Lord sets us free emotionally, physically and spiritually to thrive in relationship with Him.

The Project has a positive focus, solidly rooted in New Testament principles of righteous behaviour, while breaking down misunderstandings about the Pentateuch / Torah and culture of ancient Israel, in order to strengthen the spiritual benefit given by the Psalms and more challenging Old Testament Scriptures.

I think that does a better job of summing up where my heart is. I have been criticised for being too soft on David and at the same time, criticised for being way too hard on him. Isn’t life ironic? I do my utmost to remember that like all of us, David has been forgiven and loved by a merciful God and the Bible clearly tells me to act with the fruit of the Spirit and not be judgemental: and no boundaries are placed on those requests. It makes no difference to me whether he is dead (alive in Christ in Heaven) or alive here on Earth, I will treat David with the respect his position is due with no apologies. Yes, he made horrific mistakes… but to be given the Covenant that led to Messiah coming through his lineage, he did a whole heap of things very right and his humility and devotion to the Lord is an excellent role model for us all.

Can’t we all be kinder to each other?

cartoon-avatar-copyI have also made the decision to keep comments off, as my health has continued to deteriorate and I am struggling more. The @octopusreinked Twitter account is set on private and will remain largely dormant and no new social media campaigns will be implemented (without a health miracle!) I am due to start studying Theology online, part-time next month, and I am hoping that will still take place. Prayer would be deeply, deeply appreciated!

You can find me on our Facebook page if you wish to contact me.
May the Lord bless and keep you all,



2017 Core Principles:

  • Focus more on the positive aspects of David’s life as they edify.
  • Write with kindness about everyone, (dead or alive.)
  • Study the Word of God with an open heart.
  • Pray incessantly about everything!
  • Spread peace, especially online where arguments are common.
  • Understand people, rather than condemn. Listen and be patient.


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