Need to Study the Bible In-Depth, Free and At Your Own Pace?


This site has been the most massive blessing to me. Better still, I have signed up and have not been inundated with any emails wanting money, promotion or anything… It’s FREE and worth bookmarking, even if you’re not currently in a study frame of mind. exists for individuals or churches, who need to study the Word, theology, or ministry. It has audio and video lectures from extensively experienced, reputable Seminary teachers and covers as many topics as any Bible college. And it’s free.

Yes, it’s free. I have downloaded masses of audio files, watched a heap of videos and downloaded workbooks and class transcripts and they have not asked for money. The only instance I have found of money being needed, is if you are a church who wants to put together a specialised course of study for your congregation, then you pay $99 for a personalised landing page. They do ask for Paypal donations and considering the massive blessing this site has been to me, I will donate to support them.

You can use this site to gain diploma qualifications, build you faith or find your way through those tricky parts of the Bible you want to master.

There are classes, seminars, a searchable library, (the site is in five languages), a set discipleship program, ministry training courses, look honestly, everything you need to minister and understand the Bible is there.

Just go and check it out for yourself and pass the word on. You won’t regret it.