What is the King David Project?


“From Despair to Deliverance: the King David Project,” is a non-profit, private initiative studying the life of King David to uplift faith and build stronger spiritual habits, as the Lord sets us free emotionally, physically and spiritually to thrive in relationship with Him.

The Project has a positive focus, solidly rooted in New Testament principles of righteous behaviour, while breaking down misunderstandings about the Pentateuch / Torah and culture of ancient Israel, in order to strengthen the spiritual benefit given by the Psalms and more challenging Old Testament Scriptures. The project is run by Cate Russell-Cole, a Christian writer from Brisbane, Australia.
Core Principles:

  • Focus more on the positive aspects of David’s life as they edify.
  • Write with kindness about everyone, dead or alive.
  • Study the Word of God with an open heart.
  • Pray incessantly about everything!
  • Spread peace, especially online where arguments are common.
  • Understand people, rather than condemn. Listen and be patient.

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From Cate

I have always loved David: he has taught me to worship and the Psalms keep me afloat through many trying times. Late November 2014, I was writing my second novel, which had David in it as a character, and I hit a wall of dissatisfaction. Realising that what I had really wanted to do was write about King David, not my series, I decided to abandon the novels and study his life in depth.

Along that journey, I have found a great deal of misinformation and rumour, plus a lack of simple resources on David’s life. So in January 2015, I began to build a web site  to share what I’ve learnt as a Creative Commons enterprise. The site has been successful and I have also branched into the psychology behind David’s story. This blog was started to house all the additional, useful pieces of information that couldn’t fit on the site, and to record my journey.

The biggest problem in understanding King David’s life is that there is so much detail and not enough detail! Explanations are housed in words which are easily missed in the text; plus as chapters sit end to end, timing is lost. This site sources many opinions, both Jewish and Christian and hopefully will provide clarity on some of the sticky areas that Bible readers struggle with.

This is a non-profit initiative and you can use the content any way you wish. Additions, clarifications and corrections are made from time to time, so see our Facebook page for update notices. (Social media break taken from 30th June 2017.)

God bless you. May you know the depths of the Father’s love for you and praise Him with the same joy and fervour that King David displayed.

Cate Russell-Cole
Brisbane, Australia 2016


About the Site Author

Cate Russell-Cole has been a Christian since 1981 and is a qualified Creativity Coach, Author, Editor and Social Worker. She has been actively involved in church life since her teenage years and has served the Lord as a youth leader, desktop publisher, administrative assistant, writer, church reporter, magazine editor (“YOU” and “Echo” Lifehouse Christian Church, Coffs Harbour), intercessor, Sunday School teacher, ISCF leader and youth prayer coordinator.

Until early in 2015, Cate coached writers online through her CommuniCATE Resources for Writers blog, with a blog and social media following of over seven thousand people. Her commercial work had to be stopped due to chronic health problems, so instead, she followed her heart and devoted all her time to King David. You can find her current projects (which still include this one) on her web site.

God once gave Cate a vision which encapsulates her journey in the Lord. She was standing on top of a mountain, with just enough room around her feet that she wasn’t scared of falling off. In front of her there was a bridge that led to the throne of God, and when she looked up, she could see Jesus and the Father. When Cate looked down, the sides of the mountain were covered with nothing but knife sharp, pieces of jagged rock. There was no room to get a safe handhold. She couldn’t go up or down without being cut to pieces. Jesus then said to her, “that is what I have bought you out of.”

Cate lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two cats and habitually writes everything in Australian English.

Over her career as a teacher and writer, she has researched, written and taught five creativity-orientated courses; worked as a freelance writer, graphic designer, desktop publisher and has authored ten non-fiction books. Privately, she is a Christian science fiction/ fantasy author who was working on The Chronicles of Mirchar Series. Cate has a love of the science fiction – fantasy genre and has been writing diaries, appalling poetry and short stories since she was a child.
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