Postcards for Survivors: Reach Out & Give ~ #HMD2019

Holocaust Memorial Logo“Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the end of the Genocide in Cambodia.” It also remembers “the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, the millions of people killed under Nazi Persecution and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

The theme for HMD 2019: Torn from home encourages audiences to reflect on how the enforced loss of a safe place to call ‘home’ is part of the trauma faced by anyone experiencing persecution and genocide. ‘Home’ usually means a place of safety, comfort and security. On HMD 2019 we will reflect on what happens when individuals, families and communities are driven out of, or wrenched from their homes, because of persecution or the threat of genocide, alongside the continuing difficulties survivors face as they try to find and build new homes when the genocide is over.”

Please read more here or you can participate in the Postcard Project as an individual and write to Renee or Sokphal, who were forced to flee their homes in the Nazi genocide and the Cambodian genocide. The postcards are available to print yourself from this link. They will be posted back to the organisation which is in the United Kingdom.

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To communicate this initiative properly I have taken the text and images directly from the website. All copyright and ownership of the text and images belongs to them. Check their website for social media links and please spread the word about the day.


Holocaust Memorial Day #HMD2017

gyuguygtyuBetween 1941 and 1945, the Nazis attempted to annihilate all of Europe’s Jews. This systematic and planned attempt to murder European Jewry is known as the Holocaust (The Shoah in Hebrew).

From the time they assumed power in 1933, the Nazis used propaganda, persecution, and legislation to deny human and civil rights to Jews. They used centuries of antisemitism as their foundation.

By the end of the Holocaust, six million Jewish men, women and children had perished in ghettos, mass-shootings, in concentration camps and extermination camps.