The Meaning Behind the Project Names

“From Despair to Deliverance” was prayerfully chosen as it represents:

1. the repeated passages of growth in David’s life, from pain to joy, despair to deliverance;
2. how learning about King David can help us move from despair to deliverance (and joy) in our own walk with God, and
3. this also applies to the nation of Isra’el from Exodus through to the New Testament.


DaviydCover2small“Masada Rain” was inspired by the cover of the book Cate had originally intended to write on David’s life. Masada Rain symbolises the refreshing rain of the Holy Spirit on desolate places.

The inspiration for the original book cover came from listening to a sermon on King David, which was preached by Pastor David Pawson. He had an image of Masada which captured Cate’s attention and led to her searching for similar photos.

The image is a Creative Commons photograph taken from the ruins of the ancient stronghold at Masada, which is in the tribal land of Judah, in Isra’el. While there is no mention of Daviyd ever hiding out in Masada, the security of the tabletop mountain sent a clear message of safety; and the surrounding desert epitomises desolation and despair. The water view through the rock is symbolic of coming out of the desert, into deliverance.

The image comes from Wikimedia Commons (I have searched stock photos, and none of them are as excellent as this one.) The photographer is Ana Paula Hirama and the source page from Wikimedia is here.

Masada is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
“From Despair to Deliverance: the King David Project,” is a non-profit, private initiative studying the life of King David to uplift faith and build stronger spiritual habits, as the Lord sets us free emotionally, physically and spiritually to thrive in relationship with Him.

The Project has a positive focus, solidly rooted in New Testament principles of righteous behaviour, while breaking down misunderstandings about the Pentateuch / Torah and culture of ancient Israel, in order to strengthen the spiritual benefit given by the Psalms and more challenging Old Testament Scriptures. The project is run by Cate Russell-Cole, a Christian writer from Brisbane, Australia.


Core Principles

  • Focus more on the positive aspects of David’s life as they edify.
  • Write with kindness about everyone, dead or alive.
  • Study the Word of God with an open heart.
  • Pray incessantly about everything!
  • Spread peace, especially online where arguments are common.
  • Understand people, rather than condemn. Listen and be patient.

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